Yoga is Union is the best CD to complement a yoga routine. Here you will find music to support the union of body, mind and spirit! Each track is cleansing like an ocean wave, washing you deep into an audible union with your yoga practice.

The music was inspired by a thorough comprehension and appreciation of yoga science. It was developed by two creative brothers with a sincere love for yoga, music, and creativity. The older brother is a registered yoga teacher (RYT) of Yoga Alliance. The younger brother, Tom Colletti, is a music composer and graduate of the Institute of Audio Research (IAR), in New York City. Together, the Colletti brothers have delivered a successful musical accompaniment and contribution to yoga which has become an internationally recognized product for yoga and relaxation.

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Title Time Price
01. Yama 04:51 Free!
02. Niyama 04:03 $.99
03. Asana 06:44 $.99
04. Pranayama 06:37 $.99
05. Pratyahara 04:56 $.99
06. Bodhi 04:30 $.99
07. Abhyasa 06:44 $.99
08. Dharana 07:03 $.99
09. Dhyana 06:42 $.99
10. Samadi 05:11 $.99
11. Mouna 09:36 $.99
12. Savasana 13:01 $.99
Total Time: 01:19:58
  • This CD was developed to assist yoga teachers and to also assist those people who practice yoga asanas on their own.
  • Whether your class is 60, 75 or 90 minutes, this yoga album is designed to play from beginning to end. The last three (3) tracks were composed as music for Savasana!
  • The track list coincides with the intelligence of Maharishi Patanjali’s “The Eight limbs of Yoga.” Each track delivers pure intentions and supports the union of body, mind and spirit.
  • Yama: self control (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Niyama: personal observances (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Asana: body posture (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Pranayama: breathing techniques and control of prana (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Bodhi: awaken, become fully aware
  • Abhyasa: consistent practice
  • Dharana: concentration of the mind (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Dhyana: stop all thinking, realize truth (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Samadhi: union with the divine (eight limbs of Patanjali)
  • Mouna: silence in stillness
  • Savasana: state of complete relaxation